We need to expand... I have reached max capacity. We are unable to take on any more without expanding our space and adding a few hands on deck to help full time. This is a leap I have been very apprehensive to take as it comes with a significantly larger commitment on my part. Up until now I have been strictly working to help the people this charity was designed to be there for. With a small circle of loyal friends and  family willing to lend a hand, but that has unfortunately taken all my time away from working towards expanding our efforts beyond what 1 man alone can do.

In the last 2 years we accomplished everything we did with out any fiscal contributions to help fund our mission. Using friends, family, and public storage to get it all done.

So we are at a crossroads, either make the move to expand or stay limited while working as hard as you can knowing you could be doing so much more.


So as of now we are currently seeking fiscal sponsorship to reach our goal. Over the next few months I will be working with a business planner to set a defined fiscal goal so that we can set our sites on something achievable. 

Our goal is to get a commercial warehouse space to store and recondition items with attached retail space. As well as a couple box trucks and some full-time employees to help carry the load (no pun intended)


Until a detailed plan has been made and a course laid out, donations will be kept in our PayPal account until our plan is released then we will create a specific account, in which time those donations will be deposited into that account to help us reach our goal.


We are so very thankful for any amount you donate to help us as we help others. 

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14405 W. Colfax Ave. #222

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Armchair Samaritan is a local Denver nonprofit company that picks up furniture for donation as well as other household items including pianos as well.

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