November 11, 2016


Well it is official, I have begun the process of obtaining non-profit tax status from those great folks over at the I.R.S. I was hoping to have everything buttoned up by the end of the year and start 2017 as a fully licensed official non-profit 501c3 charity organization !!!

This page functions currently just as a place holder so once we are registered with the IRS and obtain a business license to operate as a non profit we can use it to help our cause via the internet.

If you need to get a hold me please text, call or email me directly.

Thank you, Douglas

January 17, 2017

Well Armchair Samaritan is now officially a licensed 501 c3 non-profit corporation! Had to jump through more hoops than a circus lion but it is done!

 Next order of business is a warehouse space. I have some generous storage I am using right now but really need the benefits of my own space that I can use for more than just storage so I can test, repair and recycle appliances, as well as repair and clean furniture.

I will be putting together a  campaign soon to actively seek fiscal donors to help sponsor me in my goal to find a warehouse space that will accommodate the needs of this growing business.

If you know any people or companies that may be willing to offer assistance in anyway please let me know.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far, I cant wait to see what 2017 brings!!!


Douglas Evans

July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July!!!

Now over 1 Year later and things are moving along well. We have expanded and now offer a wider variety of services to help those in need. We have re-homed thousands of pieces of furniture and appliances. Saved thousands more from an early death in our local landfills and assisted countless people in all types of different situations.


We also partnered with Volunteers for Africa and recently sent an entire 40ft shipping container of household goods, tools, bicycles, building materials and much more to Mali, Africa.


Currently commercial property is too expensive for me to justify getting a warehouse space (as much as we could use it) I just feel the burden of the high cost of overhead would limit my ability to help others in need and force me to focus more on increasing revenue, which not why I started this charity. 

I am not giving up though. I will spend  2018 focusing on improving my network, aquiring business tutelage and work towards finding fiscal donors to support us in securing a home so that we can continue to expand and offer much needed assistance to those in the Denver Metro area.


Douglas Evans

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Text / Call: 720-841-1257



14405 W. Colfax Ave. #222

Lakewood,Co. 80401

Armchair Samaritan is a local Denver nonprofit company that picks up furniture for donation as well as other household items including pianos as well.

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